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At Primerica, we seek career-oriented, talented people to strengthen our company and enhance shareholder value. This site will allow you to review our list of current job openings in our home office locations of Duluth, GA, Long Island City, NY and Mississauga, Ontario as well as remote locations throughout the US and Canada. We encourage you to explore all our positions to find a perfect fit for your skills and goals. If you want to work for a great company, check out what Primerica has to offer.


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Please Read These Disclosures Carefully.

You are authorized to use this System for approved business purposes only. Use for any other purpose is prohibited. All transactional records, reports, e-mail, software and other data generated by or residing upon this System are the property of Primerica Financial Services and may be used by the Company for any purpose. Authorized and unauthorized activities may be monitored.

Proper Use of Primerica Systems

Primerica provides electronic communications equipment and services for the performance of tasks related to your job and for minimal personal use. Examples include telephone, fax, voice mail, Internet and other electronic communication links and specific data sources provided on site, mobile or remote. There should be no expectation of personal privacy when you use Company equipment and services.

All information, data or files you create, receive, store or use while employed by Primerica are the Company's property. Primerica may monitor, copy, access or disclose any information or files that you store, process or transmit using our equipment and services.

The Company may monitor your use of this equipment periodically, at random, or continuously in its discretion for business reasons, including to:

  • Verify for performance or quality.

  • Assure compliance with Company policies.

  • Investigate conduct that may be illegal or adversely affect the Company or its associates.

  • Prevent inappropriate or excessive personal use of Company property.

Primerica may investigate any use of equipment or services inconsistent with the Company's ownership interests. Improper use includes:

  • Using equipment or services for the transmission or communication of images or text consisting of ethnic slurs, racial epithets, hate speech, sexually explicit material, obscenities, or anything else that may be construed as illegally harassing or offensive to others based on an individual's race, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, color marital status, veteran's status, age, disability or any other legally protected category.

  • Accessing sites and "chat rooms" that feature gambling, pornography, off-color jokes, hate speech and similar sites.

You may be subject to disciplinary action, including immediate termination of your employment, civil litigation and/or criminal prosecution for improper use. In the event of any conflict between Primerica policy and local law, regulation or local collective agreement, the local law, regulation or collective agreement will be followed.

User Responsibilities

System users must protect Primerica data resources in a manner consistent with the requirements of the Primerica Information Security Standards. A copy of these standards is available on PFSWEB or a copy can be obtained by contacting the Information Security Department. Specifically:

  • System users are individually responsible for maintaining the integrity of their personal User IDs and their associated passwords and will be held accountable for data and transactions derived through their use.

  • Distributing knowledge of the passwords associated with personal User IDs to others is a security violation.

  • Users must not disable security facilities installed in workstations. These include virus scanners, screen savers and logon facilities.

  • Company facilities may not be used to transmit confidential or restricted information unless encrypted via Primerica approved encryption methods.